Services that provide security, data integrity, and compliance for UW-Platteville activities. Includes identity and access management, accounts, security consulting and educations, incident response and investigation, and security policy and compliance.

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Access Management

Documents relating to access, such as passwords and multi-factor authentication.

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Account Provisioning for Guests

Guest accounts are created for people that are not employees or students at UW-Platteville but still involved with activities at our campuses. Guests receive limited access to campus systems.

Account provisioning for students

Account provisioning and disablement schedule for UW-Platteville on-campus and online students. This schedule does not apply to students enrolled in UW-Platteville's print-based distance learning program.

Accounts - Account provisioning for employees

Account provisioning and disablement schedule for UW-Platteville employees

Cisco Secure Endpoint Update

Explanation of changes that users will see with the update of the Cisco Secure Endpoint Client on July 14, 2023

Duo Two-Factor Authentication: "Additional identity proofing is required" Error Message

How to resolve error message "Additional identity proofing is required" when logging in to UW System software. This error message is shown when you are trying to access a system that requires a higher level of identity proofing than you currently have.

Generating a list of your WorkGroup memberships

WorkGroups (a.k.a WGroups) are used to provide access to shared folders and to build email lists. Follow this process to generate a list of all WorkGroups (WGroups) you belong to. This information is particularly useful to share with your supervisor if you are changing positions on campus or leaving the university.

Information about antivirus software

ITS requires antivirus software be installed and up to date in order to connect to our network. There are a few free options as well as paid options.

Policy - Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources

The University of Wisconsin System Regent Policy Document 25-3: "Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources".

Responding to a Duo notification you did not initiate

Whenever someone tries to log into your account, Duo will send you a notification and ask you to verify that it is you. These are the steps to take if you receive a notification which you did not initiate as your account may be compromised. NOTE: The Duo phone call option for two factor authentication was disabled April 11, 2022. A phone call for authentication to UW-Platteville systems will ALWAYS be cause for concern.

Using Make Me Admin

Information on launching and using the Make Me Admin application to obtain temporary administrator access. The Make Me Admin application is available for faculty and staff to use on their university-issued Windows device.