Documents relating to access, such as passwords and multi-factor authentication.

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Pinned Article Password Requirements and Expiration

Requirements for UW-Platteville account passwords and the notification process for passwords which are about to expire.

Changing your password

Instructions for changing your UW-Platteville password

Connecting Okta to Duo

Instructions for connecting Okta cloud authentication for Single Sign-On (SSO) applications to your Duo account. Includes the new Okta two-page login process.

Enrolling in Duo using a computer - Universal Prompt

Enrolling your smart phone in Duo using the modern device management process.

Managing Your Devices in Duo Security Device Management - Universal Prompt

Managing Duo devices using the Duo Device Management portal.

Reactivating your Duo phone (new phone with new number) - Universal Prompt

Activating Duo Mobile on a new smart phone with a new phone number using the new Device Management portal.

Reactivating your Duo phone (new phone with same number) - Universal Prompt

Steps to set up Duo Mobile with Duo Push on a new smart phone.

Retrieving your Forgotten Password

Instructions for retrieving your forgotten UW-Platteville password using your challenge responses

Updating your challenge response questions

It is important to remember these responses so that you can gain access to your account in the event you forget your password, or your password expires.